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White Swiss Shepherd Puppy

​Welcome to Wildwood!

​Breeding elite White Swiss Shepherd dogs,

Focusing on health, temperament, and working ability



We are a small kennel dedicated to breeding top quality White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) dogs with a strong focus on service and therapy dog prospects. We use top imported national, international, and world champion lines in our program. Only dogs who have a history of good health and have passed strict and thorough health evaluations are carefully selected for our breeding dogs. We strive to produce puppies with amazing temperaments, structure, and health. All of our dogs are valued and much loved members of the family.


White Swiss Shepherds as a breed are known for their loving temperaments, loyalty, intelligence, health, and ability to preform almost any task.  These qualities make them ideal service dogs. It is our goal to produce future pups that have the best aptitude to become service dogs. This is reflected in the  many working service dogs across the country that we have produced. 

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and strive to better our breed with ethical and honest practices. We follow all FCI breeding rules and regulations. We work closely with other established and reputable kennels to continue learning about and bettering our breed and to ensure our successful practices.




Please take the time to check out all the details on our site!                          

Feel free to contact us with any questions.                          




Berger Blanc Suisse Breeder
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The Wildwood Kennels
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