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About Us

Growing up in Washington state, being outdoors with my dogs and horses has always been a part of my life. From the time I was young I have always had an affinity for working with animals. I developed a talent for training our family dogs and decided that a future career with animals was the path I wanted to take. When I was in high school I volunteered at the local humane society as well as our local veterinary office. After I graduated, I attended college classes at WSU to study animal sciences. During this time I met my partner.

Being with my husband took my life on a new path. When we met, he was in the Army National Guard. I knew relatively little about the Army and didn't know the first thing of the challenges of being an Army wife! After some time, he transferred to be in the active duty Army which meant more challenges for me. I knew this would mean a life of moving to new locations and that I would need a job that could move with me. This is when my first White Shepherd came into my life. ​

Our first White Shepherd, Buckley, completed our little family. From the first time I saw one

of these amazing dogs I knew I had to have one. Buckley is everything I could imagine and

more! I began showing Buck in conformation competitions as well as training him to be my

service dog. His intelligence, willingness to learn, and intuitive nature drew me in and started

my research into the breed. The established breed of Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd)

described my ideal dog to the tee and were precisely the characteristics I most loved in Buckley.

The more I learned about the breed, the more I wanted to be involved with it.

I decided to turn this new passion with the Berger Blanc Suisse into the next chapter of my life. I wanted to share the joy these dogs brought to me with others. Now being involved with the Army, I also witnessed how valuable service dogs can be to many people. My future goals started to take place. I decided that I not only wanted to share this amazing breed with people, but also wanted to provide potential service dogs for people in need and military personnel. This is how my kennel began to develop.


Our Goals

Our program aims to produce the "total dog". Dogs that are not only beautiful to look at, but are equally as intelligent, trainable, and healthy. We breed according to the FCI Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd) breed standard #347 and follow all FCI international breeding rules and regulations. Our primary goal in our breeding program is to produce dogs with the best aptitude to become service dogs. All the dogs we use for breeding are carefully selected with temperament in mind. We use tools such as CGC evaluations and therapy dog certifications to further evaluate our dogs. Since our dogs have such proven excellent temperaments this also makes them ideal family dogs and pets. ​Our dogs are also required to pass more health testing and evaluations than most other breeders you will see.

​Our Program

Our first priority is to make sure our dogs are healthy and happy. We do this by providing our dogs with nutritious top of the line food and an active life style.


We only use top quality and proven dogs in our program. This means that each of our dogs has earned it's right to breed. They are titled in conformation events to ensure their adherence to the breed standard and have proven their solid temperaments by doing things such as earning AKC's CGC certifications and Therapy dog certifications as well as having clean and clear health certifications. We use top imported breeding stock to develop our lines who's pedigrees include National and International Champions as well as World Winners.

We feed our dogs a combination of top quality kibble and a raw diet. We add in our own special mix of fruits and vegetables, as well as the occasional piece of red meat, chicken, and raw bones. We also often add fish oil, multi vitamins, and probiotics to round out their diet. We believe that a quality diet is a good part of a dog's overall health. It also helps produce healthy puppies! 

​We are now partnered with a local service dog trainer to provide assistance for our local clientele or through virtual training as well as to provide puppy jumpstart training for a few select pups from each litter. 

Our program continues to develop and progress each year.

Keep coming back to see us grow!

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Below is a bit about me, my values, and how Wildwood got started

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The Wildwood Kennels
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