Our Program:

Our program aims to produce the "total dog": dogs that are not only beautiful to look at, but are equally as intelligent and trainable. Our primary goal in our breeding program is to produce dogs with the best aptitude to become service dogs. All of the dogs we use for breeding are

CGC certified as well as therapy dog certified. This is to heighten the chances of producing pups with ideal service dog temperaments. Since our dogs have such excellent temperaments this also makes them ideal family dogs and pets.  ​


All of our puppies are very special to us and are raised with the utmost care and attention. Every puppy is handled daily to ensure proper growth and development. They are born and raised in our home and are monitored continuously to ensure their health and safety. Videos, pictures, and weekly updates are provided to our buyers so that our future puppy parents can feel included in the early days of their puppy's life. We offer potential service puppies, therapy dog candidates, breeding/show quality pups, sporting pups, and top of the line family pets!



Read below about our select special litters!


Interested in one of our babies?

Since we only have an average of two litters a year, we only take applications for one litter at a time. Applications will be available for each litter after there is a confirmed pregnancy. Please check our "Current Litters" page for litters available for reservation or our "Future Litters" page for an idea of what will be coming up!


After submitting your application we will contact you to let you know if you have been approved. Once approved there will be a $500 deposit to reserve your puppy once pups are born. Clients are allowed to choose their puppy in the order in which I receive their deposits. Puppies are evaluated and placed based on our understanding of which puppy would fit in best with your family. We use our temperament and aptitude tests to properly pair you with your new puppy. We will keep you updated with photos and videos of the litter so that you can watch them grow!


*Please note that if you are truly interested in one of our dogs you may be required to wait some time since we limit ourselves to around 2 litters per year*

All of our puppies receive the following:       


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We are a fairly small kennel and will only be having a few select litters each year.   We keep a small breeding population so that each dog can be part of the family and receive ample one on one attention. If you are interested in one of our pups please be aware that there may be a waiting period for puppies to be born. We look for buyers who appreciate our transparent breeding practices and breeding goals and who are not simply looking for the first puppy available.


Each litter is born and raised in our home and handled multiple times per day. We take great care in planning each litter and providing individual attention to each puppy we produce. Our puppies are very special and definitely well worth any wait!


Below is a further outline of our program.

Our Guarantee:


We proudly offer a 3 year full, 100%, health warranty against all hereditary problems. We want all of our dogs to be healthy and happy! As a responsible breeder, we do not breed our dogs until they pass their joint tests from OFA and/or Penn Hip. Our dogs are also genetically tested to make sure they are free of hereditary problems. We are also committed to following the code of ethics of the groups that we are members of; Federation Cynologique International (FCI), The American Berger Blanc Suisse Club, The United White Shepherd Club, The United Kennel Club,  The American Kennel Club, and utilize the White Shepherd Genetics Database to assist us in eliminating genetic problems. ​


Please contact us if you would like to see examples of our buyers contracts.


*Please also note that all of our puppies being sold as pets are sold under a spay/neuter, no breeding contract*




More Information You Should Know


All puppies come with a "puppy packet" which includes a minimum of the following:

A new custom handmade collar from Dream N' Design, a leash, health records including past vet visits with current shots and worming, microchip number, puppy food sample, FCI registration papers, access to your puppy's "baby pictures", the results of your puppy's Volhard and PAWS evaluations, and helpful reading pertaining to your new puppy.

Since we are a small kennel we don't have frequent litters and as a result our puppies sell very quickly. Our pet puppies are sold without breeding rights under a spay/neuter contract. Only our pick of the litter males and females are considered for breeding rights. Our puppies are not inexpensive. We charge enough to cover the costs of caring for our dogs, growing our program, and to allow us to donate service dog prospects to reputable organizations. These dogs are an investment and we are very selective as to where our puppies go.  A quality life long home is our top priority.


Once you purchase a puppy from us, you will be considered part of our "extended family"! We are proud to provide any help or advice for the life of your puppy. We intend to maintain contact with all our puppy buyers to see our puppies grow and watch them succeed!