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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about the White Swiss Shepherd breed and about our kennel

White Swiss Shepherd Breed FAQ's

Can White Swiss Shepherds be shown in Conformation classes?


Yes! White Swiss Shepherds can be shown in the USA under the FCI breed standard with several organizations. They include the International Canine Kennel Club, the American Rare Breed Association, and the International All Breed Canine Association. They are also able to show with UKC for conformation and sporting events. Our dogs all show in conformation events! 

Are White Swiss Shepherds used for other dog sports?


Yes! White Swiss Shepherds are an extremely versatile breed. They excel in many sports ranging from agility and obedience, to shutzhund and search and rescue. White Swiss Shepherds are even popular for sports like dock diving and are very popular herding dogs. This amazing breed will gladly tackle any challenge you put in front of them! 



Do White Swiss Shepherds make good family dogs?


Yes! A White Swiss Shepherd is a wonderful family dog. They love being a part of everything and joining in on your family events. These are not dogs that can be forgotten in the back yard. They can also be great with children. This is a very loving breed that wants nothing more than to make their family happy and keep them safe. They are also, as a breed, very easy to train and willing to learn which helps them to adapt quickly to their families.


Are White Swiss Shepherds albino?


No. The white color comes from a recessive color gene. They are not in any way "albino" and in fact, it is against the breed standards to be albino. This breed is supposed to have dark skin pigment, dark noses, and dark eyes, unlike what an albino would (pink skin and blue or pink eyes).  This is similar to some other common breeds such as Poodles, American Eskimo Dogs, or Samoyeds. All of these breeds are white but are not albino. 



As a breed, are they typically healthy?


Yes, overall they are typically a healthier breed. In 2000, the White Shepherd Genetic Project conducted a survey to find out what genetic diseases were present in White Shepherds. There were 57 genetic diseases identified in the White Shepherd breed. This number is very low considering 138 genetic diseases were identified in the German Shepherd dog. Since then there have been further advances in genetic testing and evaluations for breeders to be able to utilize. Ethical breeders will take advantage of these tests with their breeding stock to ensure that future generations turn out healthier than the previous generations.

Is a White Swiss Shepherd the same as a Polar Bear or Ghost Shepherd?


No. "Polar Bear" or "Ghost" Shepherds are not a breed. They are simply a marketing tactic used by breeders to try and exploit a unique color aspect. Usually these names are in reference to white colored German Shepherd Dogs. Beware of breeders that use these names or emphasize that these dogs are a "rare breed". Make sure you ask for registration papers to see what breed these dogs actually are.


Is a White Swiss Shepherd the same as a white German Shepherd?


​No. Although originating from the same ancestors, the German Shepherd is a different breed than the White Swiss Shepherd. White Swiss Shepherds or Berger Blanc Suisse are registered under FCI breed registries and are not yet recognized by AKC. Our White Swiss Shepherds are much calmer than the typical German Shepherds and easier to train. White Swiss Shepherds also do not have many of the genetic problems found in German Shepherds and are much less prone to dysplasia since they do not possess the same extreme sloping back. Our dogs are not registered through AKC as white colored German Shepherds nor do we allow any of our puppies to be registered as such. 




Wildwood White Shepherd Kennel FAQ's

Does Wildwood only focus on a dogs "looks" or appearance?

No. Conformation or "appearance" is a very important aspect of a good quality dog, whether it be a pet or a show dog. It is a reflection of their overall health. Our dogs are not only beautiful but they also all participate in a variety of dog sports and competitions displaying their immense talents and qualities worthy of passing on to their future offspring!


I want to do AKC Sports but your dogs are not recognized or registered with AKC: are there options for me?

Yes! If you are not wanting to breed your dog but do want to participate in AKC sport events Wildwood dogs can still be an option to you. AKC has their Canine Partners program which allows breeds not yet recognized by AKC to participate in some of their events. Enrolling in AKC's Canine Partners program allows you to participate in AKC's rally, obedience, agility, lure coursing, and tracking events. It also allows you to obtain AKC's official therapy dog and search and rescue dog titles among other things. To learn more about this program please follow this link:


Does Wildwood offer a "Warranty" on your puppies?

Yes! Please visit our "Puppies" page to learn more! Feel free to contact us with any further questions.


 Does Wildwood temperament test their puppies?


Yes! We use an impartial, outside professional trainer (who also has experience training service dogs) perform our evaluations. Evaluations are done at 5 and 7 weeks old using Volhard testing methods.

Please visit our Puppies page for more info! ​


Do you ship puppies? How much does it cost?

We highly recommend that buyers who are too far away to come by car, fly over to visit our pack and bring their puppy home as a carry on item in the cabin with them. This is much easier on the puppies than flying by themselves in cargo and allows us all to meet in person.


Priority will be given to those able to commit to flying with their puppy. We will ship puppies for an additional cost if absolutely necessary. Shipping is approximately $500 to include flight and crate costs.  


Visitors are always welcome with an appointment! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about shipping a puppy.




More Questions??

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have!

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