About the White Swiss Shepherd Breed

I cannot say enough good things about this breed! Below you will find a bit of information to help familiarize yourself with the White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) breed if you do not know much about them already.


The White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) breed is a fully established and internationally recognized breed.

Our dogs are NOT German Shepherd Dogs. Just like Belgian, Australian, and Dutch Shepherds to name a few, the White Swiss Shepherd is also a different breed from the German Shepherd.


Our kennel recognizes the FCI Circulaire 07/77: 

White Swiss Shepherd Dog  (WSSD, 347)

As the responsible country for the breed standard White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD, standard 347), the SKG informs us of their concern regarding the current situation as far as the breeding of this breed and the issuing of pedigrees by some FCI member countries are concerned.  We share their concern and observe that even after the recognition of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD, standard 347) on 01.01.2003 (date of the official recognition), matings with non-purebred subjects (3 generations) from this breed continue to take place or that white German Shepherd Dogs with one or more coloured ancestor(s) are re-registered as WSSD.

We remind all FCI member organisations and contract partners that they have to comply with the following :


1. White Swiss Shepherd Dogs (347) CANNOT be mated with white German Shepherd Dogs (GSD, standard 166) since they are two distinct breeds with different breed standards.  In order to guarantee that both breeds are correctly separated, it is also important to respect what follows :


2. WSSD cannot be entered in the studbooks of this very breed if a part or all their ancestors (3 generations) were still registered, after 01.01.2003, as white German Shepherd Dogs.


3. It is not allowed to re-register as a WSSD (347) a dog which was registered as a white German Shepherd Dog (166) after 01.01.2003.


4. An accidental white German Shepherd Dogs (white puppy in a litter of German Shepherd Dogs) with one or more coloured ancestor(s) cannot be used for breeding as a WSSD nor can it be re-registered as a WSSD.

Breed History


​In the USA and Canada White Shepherd dogs have gradually become to be accepted as a distinct breed. The first dogs of this breed were imported to Switzerland in the early 70ies. The American male “Lobo”, whelped on 5th of March 1966, can be considered as the progenitor of the breed in Switzerland. The descendants of this male registered with the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) and other White Shepherd dogs imported from the USA and Canada, gradually multiplied. There now exists a big number of purebred over several generations White Shepherd dogs throughout Europe. These dogs have been registered as a new breed in the appendix of the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) since June 1991

[Excerpt from FCI]



General Appearance and Characteristics


Utilization: Companion and family dog


A powerful, well-muscled, medium-sized, White Shepherd dog with erect ears, double coat which is either of medium length or long; elongated shape; medium sized bone and elegant, harmonious outline.


Lively and balanced temperament, enjoys action, attentive with good ability to be trained. Friendly and discreet. High social competence and devoted to his owner. Never afraid or aggressive without provocation. A joyful and easy to teach working and sporting dog with capability for all round education. High social competence allows for a marked ability to adapt and integrate to all kinds of social events and situations.

[Excerpt from FCI]


White Swiss Shepherd are known for their highly intuative and friendly nature. These dogs express these qualities far more than the typical Shepherd does. Their naturally intuitive natures make them fabulous companions for all types of people.




Breed Standard:
Health and Versatility


The White Swiss Shepherd overall is a very healthy breed. Since they are not supposed to be bred with the same extreme angels as a German Shepherd Dog, they have less of an instance of hip and joint problems. Because of the dedication of many reputable breeders, genetic problems are kept to a minimum through the use of the White Shepherd Genetics project here in the USA, and genetic testing​​ through various organizations worldwide.

The White Swiss Shepherd is one of the most versatile breeds. They not only compete in conformation competitions, but also participate it agility, herding, obedience, dock diving, search and rescue, police work, therapy dog work, service dog work, and just about anything else you can think of! As a breed that loves to work, and please, the White Swiss Shepherd is more than willing to try almost any challenge you put in front of them.​


To learn more about the differences between the white colored German Shepherd Dog, the UKC White Shepherd and the FCI Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd) please follow the link below or contact me with questions.