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Future Litter Plans

*Please note that litters are subject to change*  


Applications for litters open at the beginning of each year and if/when more reservations become available.

A deposit and signed contract are required to reserve a place on our reservations list.

2023 Litters:

Summer/Fall Litters -

We are planning for two litters likely to be a late summer and early fall 

For more information please contact us via email or though our Facebook or Instagram pages.

* Facebook or Instagram will get a faster response, our email has been having technical difficulties *

* Applications for ALL 2023 litters are currently open. Approved applications

with a deposit will reserve a place in line. As litters are born people on the reservation

list will be contacted in reservation order to receive a puppy. Notices will be posted on

our website, Facebook page, and Instagram page regarding the opening of applications.

(Updated 3/19/23)

For more information please see our other pages:


How our pups are raised and additional details: Puppies

Photos of previous litters: Previous Litters

Typical questions can be answered here: FAQ's

If you are interested in getting more frequent updates please "like" our Facebook page

or follow our Instagram linked at the bottom of the page. Litters available for reservation will be announced on

our Facebook page as well as here on our website.

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